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Would you like to add Get The Funk Out or Sweathouse Towels to your studio? Thats great! If you meet the minimum we have display cases too. 

Please email Patty: pattypost@me.com

OR call



Marathons, Yoga Retreats, Triathlons

T-shirts are great, but unless you’re a primary sponsor, they don’t do a great job of promoting your brand. SweatHouse Towels are the perfect way to increase your brand’s visibility. And since any sport that involves sweat, involves towels, Sweat Towels are perfect for any sporting event.

Interested in giving away Sweat Towels at your event? Just give us a call to discuss the options available to your brand. 


Looking for a fun way to promote your studio? Branded SweatHouse Towels are a cost effective, environmentally friendly way to get the word out. Going green? The carbons that laundry services omit are some of the worst toxins for our environment. Reduce your studios carbon foot print and save money by selling SweatHouse Towels at your studio. Custom bags are also available at 1,000 minimums.


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