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UPDATE: We funded our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! On November 1st, the Kickstarter campaign for “Get The Funk Out” exceeded the goal of $10,000 in pledges!

Thank you to everyone who backed the Kickstarter campaign. Our 216 backers helped us sell $10,754 in product! This is a monumental accomplishment for Sweathouse Brands. We’re now able to bring a substantial initial order of “Get The Funk Out” to our manufacturer, manufacture various sizes, travel and wholesale sizes for yoga studios. We expect the product to ship the second week of January, and our Sweathouse Towels will ship the week after Thanksgiving! You can pre-order NOW!

If you have a Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign that you're set to launch and want to ask me questions feel free, I'm happy to help! It was a ton of work but it helped me get into a marketing routine, polish the pitch of my product, create lasting relationships and it got the ball rolling.

Here are some marketing pieces that I put together for the campaign. I recommend downloading the Rhonna App and RD Magic and creating cool pictures for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

When big backers fund your campaign give them a shout out!! I was so excited when BodyRok in San Francisco backed the Kickstarter. Tina and Jake, owners, are my friends and I appreciated their support so much!! Getting the product into the San Francisco market is HUGE! Plus, it will give me an excuse to visit!


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