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"I am happy with my purchase. The price for the entire collection is good and I always have a towel clean and ready to use. It really does work well as a strap - since the print is on one side I don't mind using one side for sweat wiping and the other side for strapping around my foot to pull my leg up :) I REALLY love the chakra and warrior prints!"

-Julia Dwyer reviewed Sweathouse Towel Collection


"I carry a bottle of Saucha everywhere I go. I spray it on my smelly yoga clothes, my smelly dog, and smelly shoes and it gets rid of the stench every time! I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed."

-Kristin Arvidson

"I like Saucha because I go straight from my physical therapy appointments to my workplace.  I’m on a very rigorous therapy routine so that I can get back to the sports I enjoy like running, biking, swimming and downhill skiing.  That often results in a whole lot of sweaty workout clothes piling up in the laundry room in a week.  To try to combat that smelly pile in the laundry, when I get to the locker rooms at work (I’m fortunate that my workplace has an onsite gym with locker rooms, showers, etc.) I spray my workout clothes with “Saucha” and let them hang dry in my locker for the day.  The difference it makes even in just one day is almost unbelievable.  And, my locker room buddies don’t get upset by my smelly workout clothes any more.  Even more importantly, it helps to keep the laundry room at home fresh!"

-Don Kruger


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