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From hot yoga clothes to your four legged friend, Saucha Spray has you covered.

Saucha, from the mat to the pooch. 

I’m thrilled to share that Saucha Post Yoga Spray will be on the Yogi Approved, “Best Gift to Give a Yogi in 2015!” Yogi Approved tests every single product that is sent to them and if they don’t stand behind a product they won’t write a review or recommend it to their readers. Having them back Saucha Post Yoga Spray is a milestone for a yogipreneur like me. Krysta wrote “We just LOVE your spray and SO EXCITED to tell our readers about it. Thank you for the tips about the dog odor- I used it on my puppy and although she hated the spray, but she smelled so wonderful afterwards. This stuff really works!!” Her message came 12 days after I had gotten fired and that day in particular I was struggling to keep positive. 

In September after my husband sent samples to Krysta and Ashton of Yogi Approved I sent an email letting them know that the website is being rebranded in late October. I also shared a few unique ways I’ve used Saucha. 

-Spray it on your pooch to freshen their fur

 -Spray it in your hair to get rid of smoke and food odors

-Spray it on sports equipment after sweating

-Spray it on delicates while traveling

It’s different than Febreeze because it’s not a bunch of chemicals that mask the odor, it truly neutralizes odors caused by bacteria. When it first hits your nose you might get a vinegar scent but it dissipates after 20-30 seconds after its killed the bacteria.

My favorite way to spray it is after I do hot yoga and shower at the studio. I peel my wet, stinky clothes off I spray them down with Saucha and then put them in my yoga bag and head off to work. When I pull them out to wash them its noticeable that my clothes don’t smell like a dead animal. Would I wear them again, no, but my hot yoga clothes don’t begin to stank nearly as quickly now that I use Saucha. 

For a limited time during the “Best Gift to Give a Yogi” special a 8 oz. bottle of Saucha and 2 sweat towels is $20’s and that includes shipping. 


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