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Introudcing Sweathouse Towels


Introducing Sweathouse Towels! I use them for Hot Yoga but you can use them for any type of fitness! Wipe sweat, deepen your stretch, Support your neck while doing sit-ups, wipe your mat and secure it! 5 ways to use just one towels. They are sold in pair and there are 3 different pairs. Sweathouse Signature designs, Yoga Inspired, and Geometric.

Originally this towel was created as a dish drying towel aka floursack towel, its super absorbent, yet thin for getting into glasses and lint free SO it also makes a great sweat towel. It won't leave little fibers behind on your face which end up clogging your pores. 

It makes a perfect gift for every workout enthusiast. OR if you're a studio owner or manager and would like to create a wholesale account please email me at pattypost@me.com


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